Wednesday, 1 February 2023

White Knuckle Ride

Much as I like artillery on the wargames table I often wonder how much fun it would have been to turn up in the day. Dodging potholes in my daily commute is an art even with 21st Century technology. These chaps had no suspension at all.

The ACW wargames show figures continue to amass. This little group completes my artillery contingent for the upcoming show. From now on it is cavalry all the way.

Let's hope that La-De-Da Gunner Graham* doesn't get thrown off before he can give them effective support.

* Apologies this is a very British reference to people of a certain age. 

Oh dear. What a shame. Never mind.

Sunday, 29 January 2023

Firing Line Complete

 I managed to add another six dismounted Union cavalry to the collection last night. This afternoon they fought their first action at Neil's place.

They fought dismounted at the earliest opportunity (because their mounted counterparts were at best a bit "undercoaty" and at worst au naturel).

For a first show they did OK - one dismounted rebel cavalryman for no casualties in return. Plus, when the artillery tries to activate and turn on them Neil's rebels threw a double 1 and promptly retreated!

Hurrah for the Union!

Sunday, 22 January 2023

Here Comes The Cavalry

I managed to get these fellows based up for a quick "Unit in Progress" shot. Perry Miniatures dismounted Union cavalry. 

A bit fuzzy but you get the idea.

There are 6 more to be based and the artillery limber and crew are coming along nicely which is handy as they are required on the battlefield next Sunday for a club test game. I really need to get my skates on with their mounted counterparts though!

Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Plans For 2023

 2023 has been dominated so far with a headache and chills. I should have been going down the club tonight but I don't believe infecting everyone else  is a good idea. Still it has given me the opportunity to photograph the first of my new 28mm Perry Franco-Prussian War figures.

In order to keep myself focussed this year I have put myself forward for three club show games.  Each requires a fair amount of effort to complete so I have been quite busy even through the "man-flu".

The 28mm FPW game is actually number 2 on the agenda. The first game requires me to beef up my 28mm ACW Union figures (cavalry and artillery bits underway at the moment).

These Union boys will fill my next few posts, perhaps with the odd vintage 20mm ACW thrown in for good measure.

But for now I'm off to lie down on the settee and wallow in self pity.

Thursday, 22 December 2022

Merry Christmas And Wishing You All A Happy New Year

 Sending a big thank you to all the bloggers whose work has kept me entertained through the last year and to those who have taken time to drop on and view my little corner of the Blogger Universe.

This year I give you a Niels Simonsen painting from the Second Schleswig-Holstein War. A conflict which may very possibly appear in a 2023 project.

Season's Greetings one and all.