Sunday 12 May 2024

Jacklex Union Artillery

The addition of the Gilder Charleston German Battery had left the Union woefully outgunned. These additions tip the favour once more for the Union with 4 batteries versus the rebel 3.

I decided against the bare-chested figure this time and painted on some tasteful undershirts instead! 

My latest Gilder purchase is now cleaned up and varnished once more. I just need a bit of time to get them based up. Then I need to finish the Union dismounted cavalry and some other odds and ends.


  1. Very nice artillery, they look great in the undershirts!!

  2. Looking good Matt - who doesn’t like a pink shirt!

    1. The Duke wore it in every film so who can argue with that?

  3. An ACW artillery battery is complete without a chap in a pink shirt.

  4. It focusses the eye in a sea of blue!

  5. Nicely done Matt…
    I much prefer the look of the shirts to the bare chested look…
    I used to reenact as a member of a gun crew and the last thing I would have done was go into action shirtless… there are too many things around that can cause you injury 😱

    All the best. Aly