Sunday 7 January 2024

Welcome to 2024

 2023 was a bit of a rollercoaster with a lot of real life interreference which was a shame as it all started off so well. Sadly, by November even the re-basing of the Gilder figures stalled and the planned solo battle called off completely.

So welcome 2024. While I do not anticipate too much for the first few weeks of the year I can at least give an update on the Classic 20mm ACW collection.

First off the 2nd US Cavalry now touched up (the standard bearer's horse was damaged) and based.

Hinton Hunt only produced two ACW cavalry figures, same pose but one with kepi and the other a slouch hat.

I just need to add some dismounted figures which I will be ordering from Jacklex soon.

Then there is the 1st United States infantry who are now next in the re-basing queue.

The infantry are all converted HH Napoleonic figures as follows (L to R):

 FN/2 French Line Grenadier

BN/20 British Rifles Bugler

BN/14  British Ensign Kings Colour

FN/1 French Officer

DN/1 Belgian Infantry Officer (also see Maryland Guard)

FN/2 once more

Again the FN/2 figures show exactly the same imperfections which leads me to conclude they are a single figure conversion which has then been re-cast.

So best wishes for the New Year to one and all.


  1. These are lovely looking figures Matt…
    How do they compare size wise with the likes of Jacklex and Airfix?

    All the best. Aly

    1. They are an excellent match to both. Some of the units have Airfix conversions as standard bearers.

  2. You have done wonders with these Matt and I'm really looking forward to seeing more. Well done on your identifications too!

    1. It is kind of fun trying to work out the donor figures!

  3. You are a true connoisseur, Matt, in every sense. Your ID detective work is brilliant! Wishing you all the very best for 2024, Matthew