Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Tonight I Played A Wargame

In my build up to normality in the working arena, tonight I visited a local wargames club and played a wargame. Actually two - we played the same game twice.

It looked nothing like this....I wasn't wearing a tie.
The game itself was linked to the "Terminator" movies and I was a test player for a participation game for a wargames show this Sunday. Having never played the game, which involved plenty of dice (always a good sign) I did manage to defend humanity in one game and throw it all away in the second. I have sort of signed myself up to assisting in figures for an ACW era "Rebels & Patriots" game so I obviously had a fair bit a fun. The rules are ordered and on their way and I am sure the figure orders will follow swiftly!

Sunday, 27 January 2019

A Proper Version Of The Best Story Ever?

My all time favourite read has to be HG Wells "War of the Worlds". I have longed for a true cinematic adaption to come along, but alas films are always "adapted" to contemporary settings (and invariably transferred to the USA). So imagine my delight when I discovered last night about this upcoming BBC, 3-part production for 2019.

Even looks like one of my favourite illustrations from booklet inside the Jeff Wayne album.
Will we finally see "The Thunderchild" in action? The "black smoke"?

Now I know this is the BBC and the possibility exists that the Martians will be sent packing by vegan Suffragettes dissuading them from acts of violence or some such; but the blurb says it will be true to the original story. Dare to dream, but this could be a major tick on the old bucket list. 

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Middlesex Regiment Mobilised

Today we would laugh at the idea of some Pan-European Super State watching us from across The Channel with envious eyes, secretly making plans to impose their will, their laws and their dictatorial views upon the true democracy that is Dear Old Blighty. Ahem. 

But as the invasion of 1879 showed this was not always the case. One of the first regiments to be mobilised  to face the invading horde was the Middlesex Regiment,  lead by none other than Colonel Arthur Brown VC; "Hero of Balaclava".

Not a wobbly lip in the lot of them.

Colonel Brown (of the Newcastle Brown's) needs no introduction; his flanking attack on the Russian looters of the Royal Welch Fusilier's Balaclava camp is the stuff of legend. Not so his similar assault on Constables Barker and Reeves at the "Fusiliers Arms" Woolwich upon his return, but I digress.

Brown's batman obviously forgot to unpack the VC when this shot was taken!

Private soldier's promotions, medal awards and moustaches will be added as the great campaign unfolds, but for now the Regiment has been issued the necessary arms, ammunition and gloss varnish. For Queen, country and real ale, huzzah!

(I would have started on the first of the dastardly German invaders however I made a total arse of my first order and have had to send the heads back for the correct pickelhaube replacements to be sent. I obviously had one too many port's in the mess before going on line).

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Empire in Peril

While I have been busy painting it has mainly been for other people's collections at the moment. However in the early morning commute I have been catching up on my historical reading.

A thumping good yarn!

Long inspired by the old school games of Ross (and others) I have finally taken the plunge. One of  my projects for 2019 will be Spencer Smith's "Little Britons" range of  toy soldiers and using the web available "Gentleman's War" rules. Here's my first rosy cheeked test figure:

Moustaches to be the reserve of officers and NCO's.

The author William Le Queux generously gives us a choice of French, Russian and German adversaries. Choices, choices, choices!

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

20mm 1914 German Infantry

Incredibly it has been over 4 years now since I added to the Battle of Mons collection. I had 19 remaining German infantry which as you can see are now complete.

I still intend to use the "Crush the Kaiser" rules which I have played a couple of times now. A new order has been placed with Tumbling Dice for the outstanding infantry figures to make up a whole battalion, plus limbers for the already complete guns.

"Small" 20mm figures from Tumbling Dice

My most important purchase for 2019 however is a new lamp so that I can improve the lighting on my photographs! It should arrive next week.

I am quietly confident that 2019 will be a better year for figure output and even some games (I  only played one in 2018) due to a transfer of departments planned for April. Mainly office based, working office hours and weekends off. Just like normal people.

Wishing you all the best for 2019,