Friday, 14 October 2016

A Couple of Old Pictures

It has been a little quiet on the painting front but I did manage to retrieve some old pictures from (more than a few) years back:

Newline French Infantry in Greatcoat FR23 Refs

All figures from the excellent Newline Designs 20mm Napoleonic range. All figures now in the collections of other wargamers!

Newline French Dragoons FR11 Refs
I have started some more Newline Designs 20mm ACW figures which are coming on quite nicely. They will be my next proper post next week but for now please settle for a little nostalgia from the days when my figure output was much, much higher!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Proof of Life

It has been a little busy round here of late but I did manage to finish a few French Infantry for the Airfix Battle of Waterloo Project.

2 Infantry bases for "Age of Eagles" Rules
These are all "vintage" yellow figures so they do not suffer from the excessive flash that I encountered on the artillery. 

Hopefully I can get the remaining bases complete in the next week or so.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

2nd Hussars Update

 I am continuing to reduce the horde of figures in the painting queue in order to get to grips with the larger formations required for the "Airfix Battle of Waterloo Project". Some figures have been simply put away: but others actually are getting finished, like these RSM95/Pax Britannica 20mm French Hussars.
2nd Hussars standing in reserve....and looking just dandy!
I have re-based them to a more generic standard as these fellows will not just be fighting the British in Spain and added a further two figures. The standard bearer is a simple enough conversion - a standard trooper with sword removed and given a flag pole instead. The Eagle is fashioned from Greenstuff - as is the busby. Flag from the AB Miniatures 18mm range.

Perhaps I need to add an Elite Company stand as well? The busby does look better than I hoped for.

I have to admit to being a huge admirer of these old figures. "Back in the day" I had a fairly sizeable Austrian/French collection which I used to buy mail order from the UK importer "Vandrad". The paint job back then really did not do the delicate detail justice, so hopefully these fellows start to make amends. 

I am now working through the first Airfix French infantry brigade and the 15mm FPW artillery. Not sure which will be finished first.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Airfix Waterloo French Foot Artillery

Finally the Airfix Battle of Waterloo Project has started. Here are the 3 guns and crew supplied in the big "new" Airfix Waterloo Farmhouse set. Moulded in a white plastic there was an awful lot of flash to try and remove showing the age of the moulds.

Nostalgia in a box.

However I have been blitzing ebay lately and have more than enough yellow plastic "originals" to make life easier next time round.

I have a lot of half finished figures in the painting queue so the next few posts will appear to be a little random - starting with those 15mm French artillery pieces for the Franco-Prussian War that I promised months ago.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Hinton Hunt Wargame 11th June 2016

Yesterday morning I made an early dash to Bath (lovely part of the country) to play a thoroughly enjoyable Napoleonic wargame using vintage Hinton Hunt from the collections of Ian and Roy.

I played the part of Wellington and had to settle to leading my side to second place. Your intrepid War Correspondent did not make extensive notes so I can only leave you with snapshots of the action from the Allied side of the table!

The Left Flank (Picton)

The serried ranks of Picton's Division in the early morning haze.
The French advance against Picton
The Swiss enter the Church yard...
...and get mauled horribly!
They didn't stay around much longer.

 The Centre (Wellington)

The source of much hilarity throughout the day and the only troops responsible for inflicting casualties on every nationality on the table-The Rocket Troop. Hurrah!
Napoleons Old Guard advance - which was to be my undoing.

With support from the combined Grenadiers and the guys with sky blue pompoms!!!
Despite the excellent musketry of the Silesian Landwehr (my Death Star unit on the table as it turned out!) the Old Guard contact the Allied line. The writing was on the wall for yours truly.

The British Naval Contingent's last stand in the Centre.

 The Right Flank (Blucher)

Over on the right flank the largest collection of A class cavalry ever assembled. The horse artillery piece would have been REALLY useful had it not been destroyed so quickly!

The whole right turned into a cavalry mincer for the Allied cavalry. Blucher's mid afternoon quote"Sorry I appear to have lost the cavalry" was a masterclass in understatement!
Blucher's infantry denying the French the 1VP for undisputed ownership of the "rock" - despite the constant threat from the remaining French cavalry.

 Games end!

The Centre has collapsed, the left flank is definitely ours and the right is holding on. Unfortunately the number of Allied routing/destroyed units tipped the balance against us!

All that remains is to say a huge thank you to Ian, Roy, Tony, Clive and Nigel for a thoroughly enjoyable game. Plus thanks to Mrs S for having us and the delicious food!