Thursday, 7 October 2021

Battle of Bryson's Crossroads

Club night last night and my first opportunity to try out my Union troops and (some of) my Confederates. I was a few minutes late and so was not able to deploy all my snake fencing as a lot had already been laid out but also I got to use The Little House On The Prairie plus my new apple orchard.

Rules were Rebels and Patriots and the scenario was devised by Neil (who also provided the bulk of the Confederates). The Union were in possession of the hill and the rebels controlled the crossroads. Victory was to the player who controlled both by games end.

My plan was simple, use my veteran 54th Massachusetts to assault the crossroads on my left and use my smaller green volunteer infantry and cannon to hold the hill on my right. 

First thing I learnt was the Commanding Officer does not need to be attached to a unit. Doh! The errant rebel figure in the 54th colour party unit is to make up numbers while Gould-Shaw is free to influence wherever he is most needed.

The 54th push forward to the crossroads.

While on the right the skirmishers cover the ground between the woods and the precious hill (complete with my orchard atop!).

A mix of my rebels and Neil's spent a lot of the game just trying to mass for an assault on the hill.

Quite early on the artillery ran out of targets due to line of sight being blocked. Without a limber trying to manhandle the artillery 2" at a time proved laborious.

The assault by the 54th plunges on while the volunteer infantry colour party repeatedly failed activation rolls (even with Gould-Shaw being close enough to add to their rolls).

Eventually they occupied the wood, the artillery dragged onward and supported the skirmishers. The other volunteer unit fired some rather effective volleys on the gathering rebel forces.

However the rebel left never really managed to get it together. By the last turn the mounted skirmishers had just managed to cross over the snake fencing.

The 54th were unstoppable and the crossroads was open for the taking with rebel units retreating everywhere.

So that was it, the last move had the Union poised to take the crossroads and the rebel attack on the right flank effectively covered off before it ever started. Together with the sheer number of rebel casualties confirmed this as a great victory for the Union. Hurrah!!!

This was a lot of fun and already has me thinking about different periods for R&P plus other Osprey rulesets. The figures numbers are achievable, the games take a few entertaining hours and everybody has fun without being bogged down in rule interpretation. Watch this space!

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Little House on the Prairie...

 Finished at last! The addition of these three units brings the Union up to strength, for now at least. The 12 figure marching unit are Perry metal figures and the skirmishers are Perry plastics with metal command figures.

I still have enough figures left to add to both sides over time (and I do have a hankering to add some cavalry) but for the moment there are enough figures completed to run a club game.

For the 54th Mass. I only had three heads left to swap and so the figures biting off the cartridge's are just a paint job conversion.

And of course The Little House on the Prairie is the Perry plastic farmstead. I have a few lengths of snake fencing left to paint and the Perry weatherboard church will grace the table eventually.

The next few weeks are going to be busy so I am not sure when my next post will be but if I get time I want to play a quick solo game with my new collection just to get my head around the rules (I have played several games at the club but kindly someone else has been umpire and done all the thinking for me!).

Monday, 20 September 2021

Three Months Later...

So after three months my 28mm Union "Army" is the same size and composition as my Confederates. The Confederates took considerably longer at over a year.

It's the 54th Mass. again, this time marching forward with purpose into the fray also showcasing more snake fencing (3 metres and counting). I do have some figures left to complete - two six figure skirmish units and another twelve figure infantry unit (which is complete but just needs basing). Hopefully that will all be complete by Sunday leaving me to return to the other 20mm "America's" projects which I would like to complete by early 2022.

Sunday, 12 September 2021

Snake Fencing And Union Reinforcements

 I have had a few weeks away from the painting table, nothing bad, I have just been busy with other things. This week therefore I was fully charged up to get painting once more. 

First up is another 12 figures for the 54th. 

Plastic Perry figures once more with metal head swaps. I have completed another 12 figure units in fact but have run out of bases. The order is in and so they should be ready by next Sunday. This actually makes the Union army the same size (and composition) as the Confederates. I intend to have a numerically bigger Union force and level up the points by differences in morale.

I have also been working on some MDF snake fencing I picked up on Ebay. When complete I will have 4.5 metres of the stuff!

I have started the Perry ACW farmhouse and the church is waiting in the queue. The 3 month deadline is up next week so all in all I am pleased with the results (despite all the distractions). I am looking forward to bringing them down for club night very soon plus getting back to my various 20mm wars in the America's projects.

Sunday, 8 August 2021

A Smaller Post Than Advertised

 This week has been rather busy. When I retired I "treated" myself to a greenhouse (how pensioner-ish is that?) Due to COVID demand for greenhouses has been phenomenally high and I was given a date of mid September before it could be delivered. Last week however I received a call, it will be delivered this coming Tuesday. The problem is that the base it will sit on was still occupied by an old galvanised steel shed, complete with 13 years worth of accumulated "stuff". It is now gone and so has the "stuff".

Little time left for painting then. In fact I have only been able to base up the Jacklex Confederate infantry unit I painted last week. 6 stands of marching glory.

I am not sure how much painting I will get done this week but for the rest of the month I will be continuing with the 28mm Perry ACW figures so that by September I will be able to host my long threatened game on club night.

Finally, remember the puppy? The one who seemed to have incredibly gangly legs she could never possibly grow into? Well, Lottie's eight months old next week and all growed-up looking:

Yes, she really is that shiny!

Until next week.