Saturday, 23 May 2015

HaT French Napoleonic Supply Wagons

Here are the contents of the HaT box, three identical wagons with the same horses and rider from the ambulance set. Again they are in a "rubbery" plastic which is not as easy to work as the Italeri kits.

That said the horses have bases which make for a sturdier arrangement and there are not as many bits to them which makes life a little easier when producing them in large numbers. They are now off to their new home. I will be painting more wagons and guns for the diorama soon but for now I have a bit of time to tackle some of my own figures. Starting with some sci-fi figures picked up at Salute!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

More 1/72nd French Napoleonic Figures

Here are the contents of the Italeri French Napoleonic Supply Wagon set. Moulded in a bright light blue the pieces all fit together beautifully. None of the pieces have bases which may not be sturdy enough for wargamers, but they make a good model. 

This now leaves me with three HaT wagons and the order is complete. They should be finished by the weekend and then, at last, I can get on with some of my own stuff. Most likely starting with some Colonial Campaigns figures.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

HaT French Napoleonic Ambulances

In answer to my own question yesterday, this is what you get in a box of HaT Industries French Napoleonic Ambulance's.

Three ambulances with running horses and riders. the plastic is grey and very "rubbery" in comparison to the other plastic figure manufacturers I have come across.

I have completed the next box too, Italeri French Napoleonic Supply Wagon, here is a sneak preview:

If I manage to finish the basing after work they will form a new post tomorrow. That just leaves one more box before I send them off to be included on the Waterloo diorama. Then I can get moving on some of my own stuff and the post-Salute plans of  younger son and I.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Italeri French Guard Horse Arillery

So, what do you get in a box of Italeri plastic Guard Artillery? Quite a lot of pieces actually in a bright blue plastic that goes to make up these:

Two mounted officers, two gun and crews firing and some "bits".
Plus the limber gun and limber crew...made up of thousands of pieces, nearly!
The limber set was made up of lots of bits and the horses do not have bases. It makes for a fiddly hour or so putting it all together and then touching up the paintwork. I am also tackling the Italeri French Supply wagon box - which also has lots of fiddly little bits.

Next up, possibly even tomorrow, is "What do you get in a box of HaT French Ambulance wagons?".

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Back in the Saddle

Well I actually had a choice of what to post this evening - all of it is for other people's collections but what the hey! I have decided to go with the Hinton Hunt British Light Dragoons for Ian's Battle of Waterloo game later this year.

11th Light Dragoons from Hinton Hunt

My contribution is now complete - I will leave Ian to preview the "mystery figure" in the batch he sent me. Next up some more plastic figures for the Waterloo diorama and then maybe, just maybe, some colonial figures for my own collection!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Italeri French Guard Artillery a WIP

Incredibly it has been well over a week since Salute. Took my youngest son again who really enjoyed the day out and together we have made plans about our wargaming future. More on this later but we have bought into a rather excellent 15mm Scifi range and rule set amongst other changes.

This is how to dress when confronting the enemy!
However before I can start any of that I really need to finish up on the work I am doing for others. Here are the two mounted officers from the Italeri French Guard Horse Artillery...the guns are done and the glue is drying on the base work. I just need to complete the limber now. 

I have also completed the last six British artillery in addition to the last post. Busy times ahead! I hope to spend some time catching up on everyone else blogs as well and see what I have missed.