Wednesday, 20 May 2015

More 1/72nd French Napoleonic Figures

Here are the contents of the Italeri French Napoleonic Supply Wagon set. Moulded in a bright light blue the pieces all fit together beautifully. None of the pieces have bases which may not be sturdy enough for wargamers, but they make a good model. 

This now leaves me with three HaT wagons and the order is complete. They should be finished by the weekend and then, at last, I can get on with some of my own stuff. Most likely starting with some Colonial Campaigns figures.


  1. Came out well matt, looks like a really nice set.

  2. Lovely Matt, I must say you're being very productive!

  3. You are a consummate artist, Matt!

  4. Amazing how good little plastic guys can look, esp when well painted. I'm getting an itch!

  5. The recent vehicles, teams, horses, divers, and so forth that you have assembled and painted are amazing. More wargamers should add more such things to their set-ups. These kinds of things add visual interest and another dimension to tabletop forces.

    Best Regards,


  6. Every army need a baggage train and you are amassing an impressive one.
    What are your plans with the artillery train drivers? An interesting vignette, perhaps?