Monday, 18 May 2015

Italeri French Guard Horse Arillery

So, what do you get in a box of Italeri plastic Guard Artillery? Quite a lot of pieces actually in a bright blue plastic that goes to make up these:

Two mounted officers, two gun and crews firing and some "bits".
Plus the limber gun and limber crew...made up of thousands of pieces, nearly!
The limber set was made up of lots of bits and the horses do not have bases. It makes for a fiddly hour or so putting it all together and then touching up the paintwork. I am also tackling the Italeri French Supply wagon box - which also has lots of fiddly little bits.

Next up, possibly even tomorrow, is "What do you get in a box of HaT French Ambulance wagons?".


  1. Great things come in small boxes. Your results look quite nice to me.
    Good work!

  2. Well fiddly bits or not, the finished article is great.

  3. Looks wonderful. A rather more historical look than the old Airfix set!

  4. Great work - are we allowed to nominate the next box that you work on?

    1. This batch is nearly finished (working on the last box now), perhaps if/when I am sent more I will open a nominations box!