Tuesday, 18 July 2017

More Chassepots and Moustaches

One more addition to the French ranks in the form of another Essex Miniatures "firing line" battalion. This marks the last of the "substantially started but not finished" French figures. Next up will be the first of the Bavarian battalions which were also started over a year ago now.

The flesh tones are straight from the Foundry 3 colour palette after my old paints finally dried up. While they look good enough in the flesh (sorry!) they do not necessarily photograph as well so a little experimentation may be in order.

I know have 4 of the required 6 line battalions, I have one more Essex and one more Minifigs battalion to complete plus either an Old Glory or Essex Chasseur a Pied battalion to complete for stage 1 of the collection.

I will probably add some more command stands before I let them take to the field as well; but for now it's time to break out the cornflower blue and getting cracking on the first of the German forces.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

A Little More Progress

Another small step in the right direction with a command stand to lead my fledgling Imperial French forces; plus a pleasant return to the "clean lines" of Essex Miniatures. The figures did not photograph as well as I hoped as there is a lot more subtlety to the shading than appears here.

No matter how smart the uniforms you just know these fellows will have negative command and control factors!
 I am working on another (Essex) French battalion now. The initial plan is for 6 line battalions, a Chasseur battalion with supporting artillery and command stands for the French. A slightly larger sized Prussian/Bavarian force is needed for a half-baked scenario I have in mind; so I am about half way there with the French at least.

After that I would need to roughly double the size of the German army and add some colourful French troops for the battle at Weissenburg on 4th August 1870. That may take a little more time!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

French Artillery 1870

 At long last the first of the French artillery is complete. I had actually started painting these figures well over a year ago. Now, I have seen some of the Old Glory figures painted up really well so I am a little disappointed with my results. 

Old Glory 15s French Artillery 1870

This is not a criticism of the OG figures, but the Essex and Minifigs have "clean lines" and I can clearly see where the paint is meant to go; but not so with these. I am glad they are finished and while I have some Prussian Dragoons and French Chasseurs (which I will finish) I think thereafter I will stick to figures that suit my painting abilities/eyesight better. 

Size wise they are a little bigger than the Minifigs and Essex figures. When I finish the Chasseurs I will take some comparison shots for those interested in that kind of thing.

The high water mark for muzzle loading artillery technology!

The French artillery is much maligned in accounts of the war however it should be remembered that Napoleon III's choice was based on sound logic. They presented the pinnacle of muzzle loading technology at a time when breech loaders were considered by many countries as experimental, expensive and unproven. The world was in for a a bit of a rude awakening!

I am working on a few command bases (which were also started over a year ago) before returning to either more French infantry or adding the first of the Prussian and Bavarian troops