Friday, 23 June 2017

Return to the Franco Prussian War

The surgery on my spine is now complete and I am (hopefully) on the road to recovery. Here are the reorganised and rebased 15mm French Line infantry I had hoped to have completed before I went under the knife and which originally featured in my April 2016 post. I had to add a few more figures to make up the two 30 figure battalions. 

The unit sizes are in line with my old "La Guerre a Outrance" rules by Stephen Shann which I used with some success in the late 1980's as I recall.

15mm figures from Essex Miniatures
 I may use Shann's rules again or "Black Powder", however the motivation for the change was purely aesthetic. I think the larger, more open bases look more like I imagine a 19th century firing line would have been. The previous incarnation just looked too cramped.

The 30 figures also make for good looking battalions "In the Grand Manner".

Currently my main impetus is with the French forces; simply because I have more figures cleaned up, primed and in some cases  nearly completed than any other figures, which is handy because sitting down for any length of time at the moment is not possible. I can however paint standing up for slightly longer  periods - so I can achieve some results while I recuperate.

2nd Battalions of the 45th & 71st Line 1870
I am working on two more units suitable for the non Eagle carrying battalions using Essex and Minifigs, I hope to post the first of them by the end of the weekend.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The Airfix 3rd Silesian Landwehr

Finally I have something to post. 

But first:

Sadly 2017 has not been a good year. I got a new job (same line of work but just a different employer in the City of London) but developed a niggling back ache. In turn this developed into something far more serious and in just over a week I have surgery on my spine. Coupled with the austerity measures for public sector workers such as myself it all makes for a less than certain future. All nasty stuff; which brings into focus that you really should enjoy the simple things in life - they are invariably the most important. 

So I give you the 3rd Silesian Landwehr:

Not a wobbly chin among these veterans!

"Back in the day" I would have busted a gut to have been able to achieve these kind of results so I am proud of this unit. A lot of them had to be completed while standing!I just hope they fulfill my battlefield expectations!

The standard is in the official Airfix box art pattern. Yes, I know!

I would like to be able to finish one more Airfix unit before I go under the knife, plus I have been re-basing my 15mm Franco-Prussian War figures which should be completed in the next two days. I will post the results and the ideas behind this once done.

In the meantime I hope you can enjoy a trip down Airfix memory lane when grand battles were fought, completed and put away over the kitchen table before fish fingers, mash potato and peas were served up for the whole family's tea!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Remember When I Said....

...I hoped to paint a couple of units a month?

Well here we are in April and I'm still working on the Airfix Prussian Landwehr!

Well they are nearly done-they just need basing.

Who knows, I may even have them finished at the weekend!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

The 2017 Campaign

My campaign plans for 2017 are made in the sure knowledge that if hobby time was sparse in 2016 its going to be very much the same this year too. Therefore all figure collecting and gaming adhere to my official 2017 mantra (to all things) of "Keep It Simple".

Airfix figures will form the bulk the work; after all it was 40 years ago that I started secondary school and discovered the wargaming hobby. Back in 1977 I could churn out a couple of Airfix units a week...I hope to be able to average 2 units a month now!

I have chosen to organise and base the figures for a more traditional 1:20 ratio set of rules such as General de Brigade, Black Powder or In the Grand Manner (I have all three!). The first of the allied units has been undercoated but already their completion date has been put back until beginning of February. They are a tribute to the best performing unit of my 2016 gaming; the Silesian Landwehr. I hope they fire as well as Ian's Hinton Hunt's did in June!