Thursday, 18 August 2016

2nd Hussars Update

 I am continuing to reduce the horde of figures in the painting queue in order to get to grips with the larger formations required for the "Airfix Battle of Waterloo Project". Some figures have been simply put away: but others actually are getting finished, like these RSM95/Pax Britannica 20mm French Hussars.
2nd Hussars standing in reserve....and looking just dandy!
I have re-based them to a more generic standard as these fellows will not just be fighting the British in Spain and added a further two figures. The standard bearer is a simple enough conversion - a standard trooper with sword removed and given a flag pole instead. The Eagle is fashioned from Greenstuff - as is the busby. Flag from the AB Miniatures 18mm range.

Perhaps I need to add an Elite Company stand as well? The busby does look better than I hoped for.

I have to admit to being a huge admirer of these old figures. "Back in the day" I had a fairly sizeable Austrian/French collection which I used to buy mail order from the UK importer "Vandrad". The paint job back then really did not do the delicate detail justice, so hopefully these fellows start to make amends. 

I am now working through the first Airfix French infantry brigade and the 15mm FPW artillery. Not sure which will be finished first.