Wednesday, 2 August 2017

13th Bavarian Infantry Regiment - first battalion completed!

At last I have made some progress on the German States forces, in this case the first battalion for the 13th Infantry Regiment. The Bavarian's supplied a full two Corps to the conflict; second only to the Prussian contribution.

I am making the German States battalions 32 figures strong - again in line with Shann's rules. I need to create significantly more German vs French forces for phase one of the collection, so the "simple" Bavarian uniform is quite handy!

Historically the Bavarian forces did OK-ish. However, apart from 4 of the Jager battalions, all units were armed with the Podwils rifle - a rifled musket converted to a breach loader but without the benefit of a firing pin, meaning the weapon had to be capped for each shot. The rate of fire was therefore little better than the original musket. It is claimed this was the worst weapon to see service in the war and its users complained it's only use was in making bayonet charges.

I am now working on some Minifigs once more - both French and Bavarian. All these next figures are being started as new so output will be slower than the part started figures I have been working on so far.