Monday, 27 October 2014

Bringing Up the Guns

I finally have something new to show for October...hoorah!
18pdr Limber & Crew from the Tumbling Dice "Old Contemptibles" 20mm range.
 It has been a very unusual month...two weeks ago I was transferred to a completely different department with 48 hours notice and have not stopped running myself ragged since then. No hobby time at all but fortunately they honoured my previously booked holiday and so I was able to finish this little arrangement to add to my 1914 BEF collection.

Hopefully things will calm down after a while otherwise my (already slow) painting output will become positively glacial. For now though I have a few more 1914 German infantry prepped and ready for painting-hopefully finished before I go back to work next week.

After that I intend to have look again at some of the "classic" 19th Century Continental Wars.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

British Infantry 1914

As the highly imaginative title for this post says at last we have the beginnings of a British Rifle Company to add to the BEF. For some reason the colours seem a bit muted in these shots.

 I am actually running low on TD figures and in particular do not have many more British infantry left in the lead pile. However I have promised myself no more figure purchases for a while (certainly not until next year), so I will just have to finish up what I have*.

Next up will be some additions to the British 18pdrs, followed by more Germans.

*HUGE caveat on the new Airfix WW1 releases!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Nice Big British Gun

I thought I would pick up with the British to start with this month and what better than a little morale boosting support in the shape of a 60 pdr? Tumbling Dice figures and models again and although they are "wargames" figures I do believe they make a lovely little vignette.

Sadly they do not produce a limber for this piece nor can the barrel be modeled in the transporting configuration however I have found a company that do so watch this space!

 A Medium Gun battery for "Crush the Kaiser" consists of 1 gun and 5 crew-including the FOO. I have placed the FOO on the base just because he looks good with the gun and will mark his real position on the battlefield with a suitable map marker.

Anyway I am working on the first British rifle company and more 18 pdr artillery. May even have something to post again by Sunday.