Monday, 27 October 2014

Bringing Up the Guns

I finally have something new to show for October...hoorah!
18pdr Limber & Crew from the Tumbling Dice "Old Contemptibles" 20mm range.
 It has been a very unusual month...two weeks ago I was transferred to a completely different department with 48 hours notice and have not stopped running myself ragged since then. No hobby time at all but fortunately they honoured my previously booked holiday and so I was able to finish this little arrangement to add to my 1914 BEF collection.

Hopefully things will calm down after a while otherwise my (already slow) painting output will become positively glacial. For now though I have a few more 1914 German infantry prepped and ready for painting-hopefully finished before I go back to work next week.

After that I intend to have look again at some of the "classic" 19th Century Continental Wars.


  1. It's amazing how good well-painted miniatures like these look. . . even though they are painted in relatively somber uniforms. Well done!

    Best Regards,


    1. Thanks Stokes. We do sombre well in's the weather that helps!!

  2. The horses look quite big in relation to the men but perhaps this is accurate?

    Rubbish news about the job - especially if it's going to effect the blog!!!

    1. I did not really notice the horses but now you mention it they are quite big aren't they? I got a text message tonight, the rubbish news got even more rubbisherer 3 hours ago!

  3. Matt - those look terrific.

    Best wishes