Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Nice Big British Gun

I thought I would pick up with the British to start with this month and what better than a little morale boosting support in the shape of a 60 pdr? Tumbling Dice figures and models again and although they are "wargames" figures I do believe they make a lovely little vignette.

Sadly they do not produce a limber for this piece nor can the barrel be modeled in the transporting configuration however I have found a company that do so watch this space!

 A Medium Gun battery for "Crush the Kaiser" consists of 1 gun and 5 crew-including the FOO. I have placed the FOO on the base just because he looks good with the gun and will mark his real position on the battlefield with a suitable map marker.

Anyway I am working on the first British rifle company and more 18 pdr artillery. May even have something to post again by Sunday. 


  1. Thats a grand looking piece Matt, nicely painted and put together.

  2. That should keep the Germans back a for a bit. Really nicely based too although I do think the Tumbling Dice figures need a bit of a haircut!

    1. Slovenly soldiering that's what it is!