Wednesday, 8 October 2014

British Infantry 1914

As the highly imaginative title for this post says at last we have the beginnings of a British Rifle Company to add to the BEF. For some reason the colours seem a bit muted in these shots.

 I am actually running low on TD figures and in particular do not have many more British infantry left in the lead pile. However I have promised myself no more figure purchases for a while (certainly not until next year), so I will just have to finish up what I have*.

Next up will be some additions to the British 18pdrs, followed by more Germans.

*HUGE caveat on the new Airfix WW1 releases!


  1. Very sensible! I have bought enough figures in the last year to keep me painting for seven years! These look lovely!

  2. Lovely job - how big will a rifle company be?

    1. 12 riflemen, I NCO and 1 officer. Each battalion has an HQ, MMG section and four companies. I have about half that.

  3. Super stuff Matt, wish I had your resolve on figure purchases, I have oodles of 28 mm Great War Germans to paint and have ordered more today :-(

  4. Glad you like them Gents - the self restraint was brought upon by deep embarrassment at the amount of figures I had forgotten I still had. I'm like a hoarder!!

  5. Nice job on these guys, great work!