Monday, 26 May 2014

Drum Roll Please...

My "Sharpe - est" wargames unit to date.

Here is what I consider to be the best wargames unit I have ever produced. As I said on my last post they were animated and painted for another collector who changed his mind with them and gave them back. The yellow facings and Rifles officer were an idea which appealed to him. Well, I am an Essex lad!

I have now re-based them and brought the numbers up to make a 36 man unit ready for Black Powder (or similar) rules.

The figures are from the old Pax Britannica (now RSM95 range) 20mm range - the rank and file figures started off as a pose "British infantry advancing", but they animate splendidly with a little cutting and twisting.

I have gone a bit picture heavy for a single unit with this post but as they are my "bestest ever unit", they deserve to be shown off!

Slight change of plan with the next few posts - now they will be the ACW in 10 & 20mm scales. 

RSM95 20mm figures animated, painted and re-based from 2012-2014!
Cannot rush these fellows!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

More Figures From Mr. Hezzlewood

Here are some more Hezzlewood figures I animated and painted few years back for a collector.  Interestingly he started a blog and passed them of as his own work. Well, he never signed a Prenuptial Agreement. Anyway, his interest was short lived and he actually gave all the figures back!

Classic 20mm Hezzlewood figures still available in the US from DPC as the RSM/95 range.

Here are the hussars. I am changing the bases to suit Black Powder rules and to get rid of the sand colour. Never did like that finish. I need to build up the numbers for the unit and as the range does not include Elite Company figures I need to start making some busbies. 

I have managed to add some British command bases and start to rebase the matching French.

However my favourite work to date is a British Infantry battalion which I have nearly finished basing again. That will be my next post. 

Then it is back to the Tumbling Dice WW1.