Friday, 30 January 2015

Jacklex Colonial British Infantry - The Lincolnshire Regiment

Here are the first of the Jacklex regular British infantry off to fight the Dervish horde.The Lincolnshire regiment can be identified by the white square patch on their helmets. 

Again I have given them a "functional" paint job in line with the "quantity has a quality of it's own" ethos for the Sudan collection.

Not a wobbly lip among them!

I have another six infantry left to paint and then I will a whole half battalion. Add to that another 18 Naval infantry from "HMS Nostalgia" and an Indian mountain gun and that is my entire Jacklex British contingent. 

I then have a few Dervish camels and infantry to complete before I consider any more purchases.

 Next up however will be a few of shots of figures from the old blogs who are to be sold off in the great lead pile cleansing!

Monday, 19 January 2015

A Small Start to the New Year

Finally my first post for 2015. Now, like many wargamers/collectors I have a lead mountain. Sometimes I do wonder how I can justify the many tins and boxes of unpainted figures, scenery and flags when really my hobby time is so limited.
1859 Austrian Command: 15mm Mirliton Miniatures

Add the fact that some of them are real gems that really do deserve a little "internet air time". A case in point are these Mirliton 15mm Austrian Command figures from pack "RAC017 Austrian Personalities".

They have been knocking around for a couple of years at least and I have so many more! The Crimean War, American Civil War, Ancient Greeks & Napoleonic Wars to name but a few.

So the plan for 2015 is relatively simple - reduce my unpainted lead footprint. 

Blog posts may be a bit random in their content but (apart from the Sudan project) I reckon I have enough figures to keep me very busy for the next 12 months without the need to add any more.