Sunday, 17 May 2015

Back in the Saddle

Well I actually had a choice of what to post this evening - all of it is for other people's collections but what the hey! I have decided to go with the Hinton Hunt British Light Dragoons for Ian's Battle of Waterloo game later this year.

11th Light Dragoons from Hinton Hunt

My contribution is now complete - I will leave Ian to preview the "mystery figure" in the batch he sent me. Next up some more plastic figures for the Waterloo diorama and then maybe, just maybe, some colonial figures for my own collection!


  1. Nice work, Matt! Are the swords replacements or OEM?

  2. Originals and attached to the shako plume so they look a little bendy but as they are vintage HH it would be sacrilege to swop them!

    1. Makes perfect sense and I would have left them intact too!