Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Italeri French Guard Artillery a WIP

Incredibly it has been well over a week since Salute. Took my youngest son again who really enjoyed the day out and together we have made plans about our wargaming future. More on this later but we have bought into a rather excellent 15mm Scifi range and rule set amongst other changes.

This is how to dress when confronting the enemy!
However before I can start any of that I really need to finish up on the work I am doing for others. Here are the two mounted officers from the Italeri French Guard Horse Artillery...the guns are done and the glue is drying on the base work. I just need to complete the limber now. 

I have also completed the last six British artillery in addition to the last post. Busy times ahead! I hope to spend some time catching up on everyone else blogs as well and see what I have missed.


  1. Those are superb looking pieces.

  2. My gosh you can make 1/72nd look good!

  3. lovely figures and painting!

  4. Excellent work on the Guard horse artillery officers.