Saturday, 23 May 2015

HaT French Napoleonic Supply Wagons

Here are the contents of the HaT box, three identical wagons with the same horses and rider from the ambulance set. Again they are in a "rubbery" plastic which is not as easy to work as the Italeri kits.

That said the horses have bases which make for a sturdier arrangement and there are not as many bits to them which makes life a little easier when producing them in large numbers. They are now off to their new home. I will be painting more wagons and guns for the diorama soon but for now I have a bit of time to tackle some of my own figures. Starting with some sci-fi figures picked up at Salute!


  1. another great addition to your marvelous Napoleonic Collection!

  2. Supply Wagons are always impressive on our tables (and realistic), and these ones are beautiful...excellent job!

  3. Hi Matt

    Have you got a contact email?