Tuesday, 19 May 2015

HaT French Napoleonic Ambulances

In answer to my own question yesterday, this is what you get in a box of HaT Industries French Napoleonic Ambulance's.

Three ambulances with running horses and riders. the plastic is grey and very "rubbery" in comparison to the other plastic figure manufacturers I have come across.

I have completed the next box too, Italeri French Napoleonic Supply Wagon, here is a sneak preview:

If I manage to finish the basing after work they will form a new post tomorrow. That just leaves one more box before I send them off to be included on the Waterloo diorama. Then I can get moving on some of my own stuff and the post-Salute plans of  younger son and I.


  1. Lovely stuff. 20mm French Napoleonic ambulances? Things have changed in the world of 20mm plastics since I did Waterloo with Airfix back in 1974!

  2. Beautiful, love this kind of units on a table...