Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Muddy Puddles

After what seems an eternity I have been able to pick up a paintbrush and finally finish the Confederate infantry. As mentioned many times before these are the fantastic 20mm figures from the RSM 95 range.

They are destined for a diorama depicting the attack on the "Mule Shoe" at Spotsylvania. A savage assault across boggy ground - hence the "puddles".

 Must say I am quite impressed by the effect and when I eventually get started on my Inkerman collection I plan to do similar. 

These fellows will be posted out to their new owner tomorrow leaving me a little time to finish my next (British) Peninsular War Regiment before I get cracking on the cavalry and artillery support for these fellows.


  1. Beautifully animated figures - but shouldn't the Union troops be the ones doing the attacking?

    1. They are intended to be part of Gordon's counterattack...the famous Tarheels if memory serves me!

  2. Most excellent, a great sense of movement.

  3. Those bases are, as is the whole unit, just superb!