Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The 30th (Cambridgeshire) Regiment 1815

20mm Newline Designs British Infantry. Flags from AB Miniatures 18mm range.
 As mentioned in earlier posts I have extended my Napoleonic collection to include the 100 Days Campaign. Newline Designs produce the most comprehensive range of 20mm Napoleonic figures in the universe, they match my RSM95 figures perfectly and they look great. The choice was simple!

Another chance to model puddles!
I chose to start my Waterloo Allied army with Alten's Third Division as it contains some excellent troop types; British line, KGL and Hanoverian's.  The 30th were part of Halkett's 5th Brigade.

Newline vs RSM95 20mm figures. Excellent match size wise.
My next posts will all be ACW figures, they mark the last of the commission work. 
While it is always useful to have extra pocket money for my hobby I am looking forward to painting just for me...starting with some thoughts about the Franco-Prussian War.

20mm Newline Designs British Napoleonic Infantry completed August 2014.


  1. These are really tempting me you bad person! A beautiful unit!

  2. That is a beautiful unit, Matt - absolutely lovely. Well done indeed!

    Best wishes


  3. Wow, I love Napoleonic figures (but don't have the time to paint them), these are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Awesome painting and style, great looking figures and the basing is perfect for the Brit's... well done!