Wednesday, 10 September 2014

20mm American Civil War Artillery

 I seem to be making some progress now that the school holidays are over. Firstly I have sorted out the figures I am keeping in the lead pile. Secondly I have made progress on the last of the commission work-the much delayed 20mm ACW figures.

 I only have a dozen or so cavalry figures to paint up and then I am completely free to paint up stuff for me!

 I will be picking back up on the WW1 collection first. I have started on the German and British artillery with a horde of infantry to follow them up and exploit the holes they punch in the front will probably all be over by Christmas.


  1. Nicely done Matt, look forward to seeing your Great War stuff

  2. Those Rebs look very business like - not a hat amongst them! Still, they probably have no ammo...
    Great job and looking forward to seeing the WWI stuff.

  3. Great job, love these beautiful units!