Thursday, 5 February 2015

Too Tall To Stay

 Having decided to keep on with my 20mm Napoleonic collection using figures from the Newline Designs & RSM95/Pax Britannica ranges I am left with a surplus of 1/72nd scale metal and plastic. They are noticeably taller than the 20mm figures.

 Ok, I could have probably got away with the height disparity but I have decided to keep being ruthless and dispose of these figures too.

Art Miniaturen French Artillery Command c.1812

One day I may revisit 1/72nd scale plastic Napoleonic figures to cover the South American Wars of the early 19th Century. But for now the plastic pile will simply have to go as well.

A Neapolitan General and Hussar - converted figures using Italeri and HaT plastic figures from some years ago.

Happily my next posts will feature the stuff I am keeping!


  1. Sad to see them go, but progress is important. Do you already have a good home for the rejects, or are they to be sold (he asked, innocently...)?

    1. I have put the french artillery upon ebay. If you like the Neapolitan s drop me an email?

  2. We'll yes, I suppose as a general rule you should get rid of any soldiers dressed in pink - they are pretty though!

  3. Wow Matt, I couldn't part with them if they were mine, you are definitely ruthless ;0)

  4. They will make someone very happy I am sure.