Thursday, 1 September 2016

Proof of Life

It has been a little busy round here of late but I did manage to finish a few French Infantry for the Airfix Battle of Waterloo Project.

2 Infantry bases for "Age of Eagles" Rules
These are all "vintage" yellow figures so they do not suffer from the excessive flash that I encountered on the artillery. 

Hopefully I can get the remaining bases complete in the next week or so.


  1. These look better than I remember. Must be the painting.

  2. These French bring back many great memories of days gone by. I painted hundreds and hundreds of these as a boy. They look better than I recall too!

  3. Great painting again Matt. One of my favourite figure poses that stand the test of time against modern versions. Your fine work is a testament to that.
    Who cares if people say the musket was carried on the other arm? They got a bit tired and changed arms! :)

  4. A grand figure - classic and you have done them proud!

  5. These look excellent, Matt. I had two battalions of these guys, long after I'd gone all-metal. I can't actually remember what happened to them now, but I would guess I moved them on via eBay before they started shedding limbs. Mine were nothing like these, of course - I am interested to note the epaulettes; my elite companies had epaulettes built up with (that's right, you guessed) Plasticene and banana oil - they weren't particularly attractive, but I was as proud as anything to have done it. Writing this now feels a bit like claiming to have cooked tinned bully-beef in a trench.

    1. I have been tempted to but some banana oil just for the hell of it! And don't worry about the old war stories feeling - I painted these by gas lamp while sitting on a sandbag. Honest!

  6. We'll done Matt. At one time I owned hundreds of these but I don't recall actually painting one!

  7. A nice figure which has stood the test of time, especially with such a great paint job.

  8. Those are fabulous, Matt! The bases are absolutely awe inspiring too. I wouldn't have the first clue how to do that.