Thursday, 24 April 2014

More German Infantry

As promised I have added to the German infantry. My main concern, with such a long break in between painting sessions (2 years), was that I would not have the same paints or forgotten which one's I used. Fortunately I found a scrap of paper which listed the colours in the tin of unpainted stuff. None of it was a dried lump at the bottom of the pot either. Very handy!

I am moving back to the British artillery next as I wait for more round individual infantry bases. Plus it makes a break from the field grey. 

However, my next post will be a small digression onto the War Between the States and more figures that are unrepresented on the internet.

22 figures, less than two companies-these units are going to be big.
10 more Tumbling Dice German infantry completed April 2014.


  1. These are a range I have completely overlooked, they certainly look good the way you have painted them.

    Great to have you blogging again, I missed the old blog which was one of my favourites.

  2. I have a notebook that lives in a drawer in my painting desk where I have listed all the colours I have used on my HH figures - I'd be lost without out! Your Huns look great...

    1. Stryker - yes it needs to be done. I did not do it for my Brits so I am going to have to experiment a bit!