Saturday, 29 November 2014

With Jacklex on the North West Frontier

Jacklex 20mm British Infantry

 While I clean up the Sudan War figures I thought it might be nice to show some other Jacklex figures that I painted a year or so ago. These figures are painted, based and gloss varnished for a traditional toy soldier look. My plan is to use "The Sword and the Flame" rules...using my original copy bought c.1980!

For a history of the Jacklex range there is none better than here, at Vintage20mil.

Jacklex 20mm Pathans

I have over the years painted the Colonial, ACW and Great War figures. It is a real treat they are still so readily available from Spencer Smith. 


  1. These are lovely! I agree with you that there is something very special about 20mm ranges, especially "classics" like the kind produced by Jacklex. Were time and money no object, there are a number of 20mm directions in which I'd indulge.

    Best Regards,


  2. I saw the pic and thought wow and it's not Dec yet :-) Look forward to seeing the Sudan figs, I too would dearly love to have a go at some of the old stuff, but alas time is also agin me.

  3. Matt, that's a fantastic paint job on figures that are difficult to animate because of the lack of detail (I have some Zulus). I've had in my mind to use Jacklex if I ever get around to that Boer War project and gloss varnish may be the way to go!

  4. Thanks Gents. Ian, the 4.7inch Naval gun was the pride of my Boer War collection. Ah the memories!

  5. Hi Matt, your a winner of Krasinski over on my blog. I can't see your contact details on yer blog. Can you drop me a line. My contact details are on the results post. Well done!!!!