Monday, 23 March 2020

Airfix Waterloo Odds and Ends

So for my final post before returning to work I thought I would finish up some of the Airfix Battle of Waterloo Project figures. There were far too many to finish in the time left so here is a sample of what is in the queue.

The glue is in fact still drying on my first command stand, but here is Jack Hawkins, sorry General Picton, leading from the front "Gordon, take your bastards forward. I'll bring up the rest of the Brigade".

He started life as the US 7th Cavalry officer. The jaunty sentry is perhaps hoping the cannon carcass will offer more protection to him than it did for the original crew.

The Chasseur a Cheval is an obvious conversion. All the mounted cavalry figures have been reinforced with a pin bent to shape on one of the legs and pinned to the base. In this case the pin is on the rear left leg and once painted is pretty much invisible. Its a fiddly job though!

 Finally the good old French artillery marching figures serving (with their occasional warped muskets) as Prussian Musketeers.

Not sure when I will being returning to the painting/gaming table. My job for one of the "blue light services" means I'm being deployed against the C-19 virus. From my experience of other civil emergencies I'm going to be really earning my wages for the foreseeable future.

So keep safe indoors and I'll see you all when we come out of this the other side!


  1. Lovely figures, especially Picton, keep safe too.

  2. Picton in particular is great Matt but I love the French artillerymen too! Take care when you return to work, you are a hero!

  3. Inspired job Matt, love the vignette with Picton...

  4. Gosh those marching figures take me back a bit...

    Lovely toys indeed...

    All the best. Aly

  5. Excellent! On behalf of others, thanks for your service and stay safe!

  6. Enjoyed all the figures very much.

    Please stay safe.

  7. Excellent conversions and lovely painting. The pin in the leg is a good idea. I cheat and simply build up some putty, a pebble or stick and glue one or other of the front legs to it.