Friday, 27 March 2020

So Who Is Your Favourite Commander?

So, we are on lockdown. As it turns out I have been given backroom duties so that I form the second wave of first responders. 

I know I have a limited following, I do not do "Social Media" much and so this will never go "viral" but what the hey! 

On Sunday evening  I will post who is my most respected C in C. I am keeping my poker face as it's not actually this chap:

So, my request is please give it some thought.

 On Sunday evening give your thoughts on who and why your favourite is on your own blog. 

Cunningly, if I ever face you on the wargames table your thoughts may give me the edge!

P.S Let me know you have done it so I can shamelessly gather the necessary intel!


  1. Hi Matt. Would you like us to post on our own blogs or in your comments section?

    1. Yes should have made that clear! Own blogs please and let me know in the comments section when posted.

  2. Great idea - have to go for Marlborough !